A Rock & Roll, DIY-Inspired Apartment for Two Washington, DC Creatives


There’s an undeniable change in the air in Washington, DC, a city known for its wonks and notorious for its nondescript steakhouses and sleazy political scheming à la “House of Cards.”

For those of us who don’t spend time downtown or on the Hill, the city has become a blossoming artistic hub — a capital that welcomes and fosters creative growth and exploration, whether it takes the form of food, drink, visual art, the written word, or even DIY spaces where experimental collaboration can take place.

Nowhere is this spirit of artistic community more present than in the home of Morgan Hungerford-West and Mitchell West, two artists who have done admirable amounts of work to pave the way for other DC creatives to do their thing. Morgan, a content creator and consultant for several local brands and blogger behind Panda Head, is the founder and director of A Creative DC, an Instagram hashtag-turned-real-life-event-and-workshop-host-and-sponsor that seeks to promote and support any and every type of artistic endeavor and creative entrepreneur in the DMV. By day, Mitchell analyzes political media campaigns for Kantar Media/CMAG; by night, he fulfills all of your (and my) secret rock star dreams as the bassist for DC-based punk bank Loud Boyz.

Their home is an eclectic, unique, and, most of all, fun mélange of art, memories, and conversation-starters — from a blown-up and framed A Creative DC Instagram snap (a token from a street art project), to a cryptic note from a friend dangling beside a creeping plant (“CONGRATULATIONS, DON’T USE THIS TO MURDER EACH OTHER”), to their envy-inspiring record and guitar collection. Though the couple has lived in the apartment for several years now, it wasn’t until recently — when Morgan moved her freelance equipment into a studio space in DC’s Brookland neighborhood — that they were truly able to start making it feel homey. They’ve since dedicated time to filling it with pieces they love and working towards physically turning the space into their dream apartment, including a full kitchen remodel they recently completed to make room for Mitchell’s side home brewing projects (why, yes, they do have a beer draft in their kitchen). If you’re wondering how they have enough hours in the day to do everything they do and still have social lives, don’t worry — I’m currently scratching my head at that one, too. Their apartment is truly a snapshot of their incredible relationships with each other, with their friends, with their families, and with this amazing city. I’ll let Morgan take it from here — Enjoy scrolling through!



I can’t say there’s really been a strategy as much as an evolution: I bring things in off the street; I pick up pieces here and there; things flow out. I’m constantly moving things around and re-arranging (…) Things are placed so specifically, even when they’re not! 


For years, before I got my studio, we’d move every piece of furniture into the bedroom to host a dinner party for thirty or a movie night or something like that. Now that I’ve got a secondary space for my business we’ve been able to treat our home like, well, a HOME, and we’ve been able to take on bigger projects like redoing the kitchen, and we’ve made some larger, adult-ish purchases like the couch or the rugs. And in terms of style evolution? It’s probably hard to believe but my taste has actually gotten more minimal – I can’t imagine our place wouldn’t want to make a Kinfolk-phile scream in agony but truly there’s way more negative space over there than there used to be. 


Most every piece has a little story behind it, and the ones that don’t we just love for the visuals. I got the phone for Christmas a couple of years ago for the sole purpose of it becoming a vehicle for the Mr. Yuk sticker.


The Dupont Metro artwork is by a friend, Bryan Minnich – he’s got a whole series of DC prints that I’m obsessed with. The ocean canvas was a thrift store find that I popped out of its frame and painted on.


N: What’s the deal with the hanging garland and the note about not killing each other? M: A friend and I used to teach a monthly craft workshop and the garland I made with some ceramics + wood pieces I had hanging around from that – and that note! It was a card sent by our friends Dave and Brittany – they got us some really great knives for our wedding and the sentiment cracked us up.


My parents and grandparents were DC printers, and when my Dad retired there was an entire warehouse in Anacostia filled with equipment – all of which was amazing looking, and most of which was too heavy/unwieldy to reasonably move over to a less than 800 sq foot apartment in Adams Morgan. The light table was the one exception. 


Mitchell is great about supporting bands + musicians, local and otherwise, and is always bringing home records from shows or just ordering them new. I, on the other hand, should likely have been born a little earlier: most of our collection is 70s soft rock (with an emphasis on Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac, etc and the like). 


Mitchell’s been in bands since high school, and while he’s played bass in his last few (including his current one, Loud Boyz), he’s great at guitar and is always picking them up + monkeying around with songs. The guitar stands were cheap-o Amazon.com buys – if they weren’t out he wouldn’t get them out of the cases to play, and we keep a small amp in the house for when he needs it. 


I made a stop motion video about 5 years ago that used the metal door/magnetic letters and we just literally never took them down! We hardly notice them anymore but guests love to play with them – and so does our four year old niece! Worth noting: she’s also a big fan of “the big green couch.”  


So funnily enough, the entire impetus for the remodel was to integrate Mitchell’s kegerator into the counter! He’s a homebrewer and the keg in the corner of the living room was killing my vibe a little bit. Overall it was so worth it – both time and cost – but it took forever from start to finish. Like 2 years forever. We had every appliance in the living room for 4 months and then plywood counters for probably another year. We DIY’ed the demo but let professionals handle the rest, and worked with our family friends – Kevin + Michelle Schmauder on the final (and our favorite) details: the subway tile and shelving took it from “OK, I guess we’re finished” to “IT IS DONE AND WE LOVE OUR KITCHEN.” 


I wore that shirt every day for years and couldn’t bear to fully retire it. There are few things more beautiful than a perfectly worn-in black tee, no? 


N: Tell me about your super minimalist bedroom. M: I went on a cleaning rampage one afternoon and by the end of the night (early morning, really), we’d moved a ton of furniture to the curb, pulled all the art off the walls, stored the patterned blankets we’d had on the bed, and just generally done away with STUFF. What’s not pictured is one wardrobe and a really minimal desk set-up from which Mitchell works from home – I’m telling you, it’s changed my whole brainspace and contributes to way more zen mornings/bedtimes. 


photos by Morgan Hungerford-West


the feminine mystique

from Stellar, by Ignacio Torres

I’ve written ad nauseam about the trials and tribulations women face in their professional and personal lives. I am a woman, and the struggle is very real for me and my fellow females.

But today is International Women’s Day, so for this one day of the 366 days this year, I will not tear my hair out in worry. I will celebrate my femininity in all its beautiful, graceful, wild, and imperfect glory. I will dance and sing and love every inch of myself. I will send love to all my fellow women in the hopes that they, too, get some reprieve from the everyday battles and have a peaceful moment today to simply exist and to enjoy their existence.

Happy International Women’s Day to every girl and woman out there, whether you were born this way or identify this way. The fight continues, but that fight should never get in the way of everyday gratitude and self-love.

best [night] ever // the lone bellow at 9:30 club

Screenshot 2016-03-02 at 9.23.31 PM

For the second year in a row, my friends and I gathered to celebrate the birthday of one of our own with one of my favorite traditions: a live performance by the incredible powerhouses that make up The Lone Bellow.

The very first time we saw them perform, after I’d chanced upon them on Spotify and just had to share their breakout hit “You Never Need Nobody” with my nearest and dearest, was back in 2013 at the intimately small music venue DC9. We were close enough to touch them, close enough that we could feel every note belted out by Zach Williams, Kanene Pipkin, and Brian Elmquist vibrate deep within us. I was lucky enough to score a picture with Zach and Kanene, and we all left that show with wide, sappy smiles on our faces. Their first album was the soundtrack of that holiday season; we played our favorite songs on repeat when our college friends came to visit for New Years Eve.

Two years later, they were back at The Hamilton just in time for Sarah’s birthday. And what better way to celebrate your birthday than with what you know will be a spectacular show? Of course we went. Of course it was amazing.

When we found out that they’d be playing this week at the 9:30 Club, again for Sarah’s birthday, it was like they knew our story and came back just for us. We immediately made a plan to go.

The show started out strong, obviously, but things got really incredible when the backing bandmates left the stage and Zach, Kanene, and Brian gathered around one microphone with just their guitars. A technical issue with a guitar and a “fuck it, we’re doing this a capella” moment from Brian later, they got the entire crowd humming along to “Watch Over Us.” For the entire duration of the song. It was a perfect moment. People (myself included) were in tears.

The greatest part of the night, however, was when Zach pulled a couple onstage so the guy could propose to his girlfriend. The crowd screamed in delight — And the screams got even louder when the band then proceeded to cover Mariah Carey‘s “Always Be My Baby.” At this point, people all around were incredulous. How could the concert possibly get any better?

We all know the answer to that could only be MORE 90s R&B covers. Witness The Lone Bellow perform K-Ci & JoJo‘s “All My Life” and Boyz II Men‘s “I’ll Make Love to You” in my shaky-from-laugh/crying videos below.

They closed out the show with their openers, Escondido, covering “I Shall Be Released.” If you’ve seen Big Easy Express (and if you haven’t, you should), we left that performance with the same high you get from watching Edward Sharpe, Mumford & Sons, and Old Crow Medicine Show singing “This Train is Bound for Glory” at the end of the movie. It’s a nearly indescribable, completely enveloping feeling of joy and wonder at the transformational power of music. We made our way home on a cloud — I’m still feeling it, two days later.

It’s been an awesome experience to watch a band make it so far in their career so quickly. Kanene, who grew up in Virginia, intro-ed one song with the note that she saw her first show at the 9:30 Club when she was 16 years old. She explained how special it was to be performing on that very same stage years later. We all felt that excitement and, more importantly, that gratitude from them in every performance that night. There’s nothing sweeter than a band that’s so humble they freak out when the crowd hums along to their music.

As one of my friends noted, The Lone Bellow’s albums are incredible, but they are so much better live than they ever will be in recordings. Having created such spectacular memories from all the times we’ve seen them perform — and knowing that every performance to come will be equally memorable — I’m OK with only getting to experience that feeling once a year.

The 9:30 Club is celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, and will be featured in a new PBS music variety show called “Live at 9:30.” Stay tuned for more news on the show’s premiere date and which episode will feature the Lone Bellow’s concert, but in the mean time you can watch the preview, here.

required viewing: TV Land’s hilariously dark “Teachers”

Screenshot 2016-02-19 at 1.01.51 PM

If you’ve ever been a 20-something hot mess, you’ll fit right in with the island of misfit toys that is that cast of Teachers.

The show drew me in the second I saw a scene in their commercial where a teacher tells the popular students to stand in the center of a circle while everyone else grabs a dodgeball. One popular girl sneers. “What’s this stupid game called, anyway?” she asks. “Getting even,” the teacher responds before the girl is pelted with rubber balls by her classmates. How could you not love that??

Teachers centers on the lives of six 20-something teachers as they try to get their shit together both in their personal lives and in their jobs at a nondescript Midwestern elementary school. Though it might sound like a plot straight out of an ’80s sitcom — in fitting with the rest of TV Land’s rerun-based lineup — the show has a decidedly modern feel. The writing is hilariously crass and not out of place with typical conversations among the younger Gen (admit it, Millennials — you’ve had a conversation about anal bleaching, STDs, and/or drugs in a less-than-appropriate setting at some point in your fledgling career. Or is that just me?). One of the teachers films an audition tape for The Bachelor. Another steals shutter shades (re-popularized in a few years ago by — who else? — Yeezy) out of the lost and found.

The show is starred in and produced by improv comedy group The Katydids (their name is a play on the fact that all their names are derivations on “Katherine” — Caitlin Barlow, Katy Colloton, Cate Freedman, Kate Lambert, Katie O’Brien, and Kathryn Renee Thomas). The other half of the production team? Community‘s Alison Brie and Key & Peele‘s Ian Roberts and Jay Martel. It’s an all-star comedy production group, but, really, just the fact that the show has an exclusively female writers’ room should be enough to pique your interest.

Though some may find it a little too dark/might get creeped out by how these teachers are totally corrupting their students, The Katydids claim that every bizarre story line is inspired by a real life experience. “We know that there is definitely over the top stuff here,” O’Brien told The Observer in a recent interview, “But we had a rule in our writers’ room – if it’s real and you’ve experienced it, it’s going in, no matter how ridiculous it might seem.” And the inspiration behind these teacher-student interactions — the idea that kids, essentially, say the darndest things and make a great sounding board when honesty is required — should ring true for anyone who’s ever had a heart-to-heart with a child.

Teachers, along with the also hilarious series Younger (which stars one of my favorite comedic all-stars, Sutton Foster), are a serious push away from TV Land’s usual programming. Because they air late-night on cable, the channel is able to push boundaries with their new, original, raunchy programming to rival competitors like Comedy Central.

Give it a try. Even if you find it totally disturbing, the high school nerd in you will secretly delight in watching one teacher fulfill her revenge fantasy of beating up her former bully.

Teachers airs Wednesdays at 10:30pm on TV Land.

required reading // chimamanda ngozi adichie : “we should all be feminists”


There’s no reason why “feminism” should still be such a dirty word in the year 2016, and yet, somehow, it is.

For every glamorous celebrity speaking out about the importance of leveling the playing field for women, there’s some new horror uncovered, some endlessly frustrating issue that shows we still have a long way to go to make that happen.

In fighting the good fight, it’s particularly important to not shut down the experiences of others. All women experience their femininity and their struggles differently, and Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has done a beautiful job explaining that sentiment — not just in terms of feminism, but also in the broader terms of the stereotypes that lead towards unjust depictions of people of any culture or creed. If you haven’t seen her TED Talk called “The Danger of a Single Story,” do it. Now.

Her book-length essay “We Should All Be Feminists” is based on another TED Talk in which she specifically addresses the issues facing women in her home country, many of which are issues that resonate with women all over the world. It’s a great conversation-starter I’ll be keeping on my coffee table in the hopes of sparking ideas and discussion among friends (plus the cover art is so bright and beautiful!). If you need a quick, smart read, definitely pick up a copy and share it with a friend or family member or even a stranger when you’re done. I saw someone reading this on the train the other day and gave them a mental high five because, really, we should all be reading this book.

best day ever pt 2 // kinship + left door


Hi, old friend.

Life’s been busy and so this little corner has been sitting here, collecting dust. But 2016 RESOLUTIONS are a thing and maybe I’ll stick with this finally. Maybe.

Anyway. A story:

When Gavin and I first started dating, he accidentally took me to CityZen for my birthday. The first months of our relationship involved lots of eating delicious food (Toki Underground, Bayou Bakery), getting drunk off too much whiskey and cocktails (Bar PilarLast Exit, Montserrat House), and me heading to work after four hours of sleep trying to act like a normal human. Get home, crash, wake up, rinse, repeat.

Oh, to be young.

Compared to our hipster food adventures, my experience at CityZen was a dreamy blur. Mostly I remember some dude telling Gavin he was improper for not standing when I got up to visit the ladies’ room. There were also beautiful plates we asked the server where we could get, delicious food I barely understood, and enough wine to give me ~feelings~ when the dessert plate arrived featuring a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” message in some sort of chocolate sauce.

Don’t get me wrong — I love good food. I have always loved good food. It’s just that I was kind of a kid still, not ready to fully appreciate something so nice.

Fast forward to now, when just last week we had the chance to dine at Eric Ziebold’s beautiful new restaurant, Kinship. From the gorgeous, candlelit space to the warm, kind staff, there isn’t a single detail there that doesn’t scream “hygge” (albeit a very calm, cool, and collected scream). The front room/library/cozy-seating-plus-fireplace-mecca is the stuff of my nerdy teen girl dreams.

As for dinner itself, the bed of lentils beneath the Tumeric Braised Celtuce had me literally wiping the plate clean with fresh pieces of crusty bread, and the pillowy Parmigiano Reggiano Agnolotti was a creamy + salty dream. The Kinship Stroganoff was a happy accident — We’d originally ordered something else, but, as they say, NO RAGRETS — The crispy veal sweetbreads were, simply, on point.

Sommelier Kerstin Mikalbrown is another treasure in that magical place. We’d met her last year, when she served us at Rose’s Luxury on my birthday and was all smiles and sweet charm. At Kinship, she stopped by our table several times to recommend an amazing wine (the 2014 Folk Machine Valdiguie – a grape varietal she called a “California Gamay”), to chat, and to generally be awesome.

From there we Ubered on over to Mick Perrigo + Tom Brown’s new spot, Left Door, where we had some posh drinks and sparkles served in beautiful, antique glassware while we chatted with Mick about the DC drink scene. The space is decked out in swanky vintage goods (including an emerald and brass bathroom counter that is TO DIE for). Knowing such a cozy space now exists a block away from work is going to be terrible for my whole plan to be better about money in 2016. But New Year Resolutions are meant to be broken, right?

• • •

best day ever // pt 1

photo 1 (2)

You know how you have those days sometimes where everything goes right and nothing can get you down and by the end of the day you just feel like A++ Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 11.34.18 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 11.35.02 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 11.35.26 AM? Yeah. Those days.

I had one of those days recently completely without meaning to and am still basking in the glow of how perfect it was. The day started out innocently enough — I just signed up for ClassPass’s free two-week trial and decided to wake up early for a class at Elevate Interval Fitness. Needless to say, after two weeks without working out, Elevate totally kicked my ass. My coworker Matney invited me to the zoo and after a quick pit stop for doughnuts and coffee, we spent a couple of hours walking around the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, where I made friends with an orangutan and found a golden lion tamarin I will one day have to smuggle home in my purse.

zoo time!

I met up with the boyf and headed to Chinatown Coffee Co. for a R E F R E S H: Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 11.47.38 AMMoroccan Mint TeaScreen Shot 2015-07-04 at 11.47.38 AM, my new mingering mike's supersonic greatest hitssummer fave, then onto Shake Shack for a cheese fries R E F U E L. We headed into the American Art Museum to see Mingering Mike’s Supersonic Greatest Hits, an exhibit about a self-taught artist known only as Mingering Mike. Though he privately recorded some songs, Mingering Mike’s musical career was, for the most part, entirely made up. The exhibit comprises dozens of hand-painted cardboard records, album covers, song lyrics and liner notes made by Mingering Mike in the 60s and 70s, when black radio was still brand new and artists like Marvin Gaye and James Brown were just coming on the scene. Not only are the works super funky fresh, but the exhibit is also a powerful dialogue on the historical moment in which Mingering Mike lived.

From there, we hit up Showtime Lounge for a quick Tecate + PBR break before an early dinner at Red Hen where we indulged in bubbly + squid ink pasta which is basically Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 12.10.52 PMMAGICScreen Shot 2015-07-04 at 12.10.52 PM. Then an Uber ride to the Angelika theater pop-up at Union Market for a showing of Ex Machina, a movie about robots that act like humans and humans that act like idiots. It was fairly mind-bending/blowing and we both left there feeling like maybe we need to stop trusting machines so much.

We weren’t quite ready to stop yet so we made a trip over to Crane & Turtle to check out Bar Otsukare, a Japanese whisky pop-up led by Eddie Kim and Jesse Selvagn. Eddie & Jesse became interested in Japanese tipples while working together behind the bar at Daikaya and have amassed a collection of rare and funky whiskies, shochus, and sakes. Their kickoff event was an all-around good time, and we had a blast sampling new (to us) drinks among some of our Room 11 friends (where Eddie used to work and Gavin, my boyfriend, currently tends bar). Stay tuned for Bar Otsukare — They’ll have more events coming up and, trust me, you won’t want to miss them.

squid ink pasta + japanese whisky

We finally made it back home and I passed out in front of the TV (no surprise, given I’d been awake for close to 24 HOURS by that point). I’m constantly amazed by how vibrant, creative, and fun the DC food/art community is, and how much there is to D O and S E E and E X P E R I E N C E. I can’t stand hearing transient folks bemoan the erroneous belief that this city is all lobbyists and lawyers and politicos hanging out on the Hill and downtown when there’s so much beauty and culture and LIFE going on in the rest of the city. It’s absolutely magical to get to be a part of it all. Also, let’s be real — It’s insane the amount of shit you can get done in one day when you put your mind to it.

R E L A T E D : Want to find out about the fun things going on around town? Check out A Creative DC and BYT for plenty of ideas to entertain those idle hands & feet & bodies.

:: hair goals ::

modeling dem curls

modeling dem curls

I won’t lie — Having insanely curly hair is fun.

All you straight-haired girls envious of wild locks have a right to be. It changes your demeanor and, if you really rock it, ends up defining your whole persona. People tend to see you as a hot mess or as free-spirited and fun; either way makes you highly interesting. I wrote a whole supplemental college essay about my curls and you can bet your ass I got in. But growing up with curls is tough, especially when your mother has no idea what to do with your hair and all of your TV and big-screen and role models have straight hair or perfectly ironed faux curls. I used to find myself identifying with pretty much any curly-haired African American women I’d come across both IRL and in the media (where my curly Latinas at??), and I begged my hairstylist more than once to give me a ‘fro. But though I’m not lacking in volume, the texture of my hair is very, very fine — Not something you can turn into a cute little pouf #mixedraceproblems. So instead I’d straighten, and straighten, and chemically straighten, and flat-iron, and then get angry when the humidity that comes with island life would inevitably turn my hair into a frizz-ball.

Post college I discovered the Deva Curl cut, ie. a hair cutting technique that actually works for curly hair instead of treating it like straight hair. It’s expensive as all hell, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t do some at-home trimming in between cuts to cut costs. But the Deva Curl method also recognizes that curly hair needs to be cut while it’s dry, and needs to be styled with as little handling as possible, and needs serious C O N D I T I O N I N G  in order to keep it shiny and non-frizzy. I’ve switched from my usual drug store brand shampoo and conditioner to ones that use all-natural ingredients meant to keep moisture in. I swear by Herbivore Botanicals’ Therapy Hair Oil as both part of my conditioning and styling routines, though I’ll soon have to make a switch to a new hair oil as the line is being discontinued. As someone who never used to spend so much time or money on beauty products/body care, this is all a lot of work. But it’s worth it to see such a big part of my personality — those big, wild, bouncy, fun locks — looking good and feeling F R E S H.

So now it’s on to trying to grow this mane out. Even if it only lasts for a season, I am determined to have long hair. In the meantime, here’s some curly inspo (curlspo?) for anyone in the same boat. We. Will. Overcome.


Queen RiRi {pic via}

SJP, the original curly girl. {pic via}

SJP, the original curly girl.
{pic via}


JULIA {pic via}

Shakira, Shakira {pic via}

Shakira, Shakira {pic via}


some BABE. {thanks, Internet}

m o o d s :: i n s o m n i a



from The Spirit Leaves the Body, 1968 by Duane Michals

Sleep is hard. Insomnia comes at night and suddenly I’m staring at the ceiling, willing myself not to look at the clock. The stars outside are beautiful, or would be we weren’t all drowning in light pollution. No matter, there are ocean waves and rainstorms on my headphones. If I can’t sleep, at least I can listen to the sound of my own breathing until the sun’s rays light up the bedroom walls.

Tonight. There’ll be another chance to sleep tonight.


pic via

boston-fancy & catching cold

Screenshot 2015-06-11 at 4.27.12 PM

photo of me looking like a boss-lady in Solange pants via my friend & wedding weekend roommate @bartonke

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind — Packing up and moving into a new apartment, playing host to some INSANELY adorable pups & kittens at Salt & Sundry for a fundraising event with the Washington Humane Society + Spoil Me Rotten Dog Biscuit Co., experiencing all the M O O D  S W I N G S when the weather decided to get freakishly cold again && the full moon was in Sagittarius, and, finally, heading up to Boston for one hell of a wedding weekend with all my old college buddies. As one friend put it this week: “All of your photos from the wedding are blurry.” Obviously blurry from all the dancing, not all the alcohol involved (see above). Obviously. I also got to spend a day exploring Boston with a friend from high school who I’ve been way too out of touch with. She took me to SoWa (highlights include buying a starfish-shaped cuff && realizing I’d lost my debit card somewhere along the way), the Lawn on D, and to a trapeze class at TSNY Boston where I sort of conquered my fear of heights but mostly just prayed I wouldn’t pass out mid-swing.

So it’s not much of a surprise that I’ve now got a head cold, complete with a sore throat and general sense of fuzziness in my brain. I’ve been nursing myself back to health with Alka Seltzer Cold & OJ because it’s all I’ve got in my house, but I could really go for a bowl of ramen and my warm bed right now. Usually when I’m sick my MO is to just stuff myself full of cold meds til I can’t feel anything anymore, HOWEVER now that I’m trying to keep weird pharmaceuticals and chemicals away from my self and out of my body, I’m down to try some natural remedies (though nix on the weird homeopathic b.s. Trader Joe’s convinced me to spend $10 on). You can bet your butt I’ll be soaking myself in alcoholado tonight (the Puerto Rican mother’s cure-all to any ailment — which, you guessed it!, my mom sent me a bottle of a while back) but other than that and drinking plenty of liquids ++ sleeping as much as possible, I’m at a loss for what actually works to help you get over a cold/sore throat combo and what’s just some pseudo-science crock.

What do you all use to help you ride out a nasty cold? I’m ready to feel like a normal person again.