//sky above me // earth below me // fire within me//

Screenshot 2015-05-12 at 10.10.47 PM

D O N ‘ T  B E L I E V E  T H E  H Y P E. The above quote, though largely attributed to the video game Skyrim thanks to the Internet being a seemingly endless source of misinformation, actually has pagan roots as a chant or prayer of serenity.

Today I’m practicing mindfulness, remembering that not all thoughts are important or even real. I am a part of the Earth and the Earth is a part of me. Sometimes you’ve just gotta let things be. I am bigger than my thoughts. There is fire inside of me.

Today’s inspiration comes via Invisibilia, a new NPR podcast exploring all of the invisible forces that mold us and determine the course of our lives. I love their motto:


Feel different.

Here’s their pilot episode, which tackles those inner demons known as our thoughts. It’s heavy stuff, but SPOILER ALERT: the ending is pretty upbeat. Take a listen:




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